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A noble Service, a Peaceful Society

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To Raise the living standard of the public through the co-ordination of the resources and the good governance, in a productine approach in keeping with public policies

Hatharaliyadda Divisional Secretary’s division

The Hatharaliyadda Divisional Secretary’s division situated in the Thumpane electorate in the Kandy district is bounded in north by the Thumpane Divisional Secretary’s division, in east by the Harispaththuwa Divisional Secretary’s division,  in south by the Yatinuwara Divisional Secretary’s division and in west by the Rambukkana Divisional secretary’s division

The Hatharaliyadda division was established on 10.04.2000 for the achievement of community and Physical development. Although an office was maintained on rental basis at the initial stage, the land was acquired and an elegant two-story administrative building was built on 13.11.2005.


The Hatharaliyadda area filled with gardens with flora in everywhere covers 62 square kilometers and this area is surrounded by  three rocks namely Alagalla, Kolugala and Geradigala filled with waterfalls.

This attractive land having intermediate climate is situated in between 1800-2500 meters from the sea level. The average temperature ranges from 26-27 degrees Fahrenheit and the annual rainfall is 1250 millimeters. It should be mentioned that the rural stream system makes the area attractive. The service extended to make the area fertile by the Rambukkana  oya could be discovered from the farmers in the area.

Red-gravel soils, clayey loams and Red-yellow latosolic soils are main soil types. The land containing the white quarter situated close to the Singahena area is a natural resource.

Note on Heritage

Sangarajapura Village situated in the Hatharaliyadda Divisional Secretary’s division is the sacred land in which Asarana Sarana Saranankara Sangaraja thero was born when considering history. There are 33 Viharas spreading the fragrance of Buddhism. There are many “Tempita Viharas to proudly show our heritage to the world.

Artist in this area completed the paintings belonging to Kandy era at dens. It appears that paintings completed with floral designs and festoons. The area has been divided into 57 Grama Niladhary’s  divisions when the administrative structure is considered.

This services provided to take Public administration into the village by the public officers could be commendably mentioned.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. Wijerathna Sakalasooriya 2000.04.10 2000.06.19
Mr. Daya L. Siriwardhana 2000.06.20 2003.05.06
Mr. B.G.H.M. Sugathadasa 2003.05.23 2005.07.13
Mr. E.M.H.B. Ekanayake 2005.07.13 2007.08.16
Mr. S. Senanayake 2007.08.17 2011.12.31
Mr. K.P. Siribaddana 2012.02.03 2017.02.22
Mr. W.G.M. Hemantha Kumara 2017.04.07 up to now

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