Our Vision

A noble Service, a Peaceful Society

Our Mission

To Raise the living standard of the public through the co-ordination of the resources and the good governance, in a productine approach in keeping with public policies

Our Office

Hatharaliyadda Divisional secretary’s division that consists of various ethnic groups and historical legends has been widely known as a sacred land since the birth place of Asarana Sarana Saranankara Sangaraja thero belongs to this area.Hatharaliyadda Divisional Secretariat was detached from Thumpane Divisional Secretariat and was established as a new Divisional Secretariat on 10.04.2000.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. Wijerathna Sakalasooriya 2000.04.10 2000.06.19
Mr. Daya L. Siriwardhana 2000.06.20 2003.05.06
Mr. B.G.H.M. Sugathadasa 2003.05.23 2005.07.13
Mr. E.M.H.B. Ekanayake 2005.07.13 2007.08.16
Mr. S. Senanayake 2007.08.17 2011.12.31
Mr. K.P. Siribaddana 2012.02.03 2017.02.22
Mr. W.G.M. Hemantha Kumara 2017.04.07 up to now

News & Events

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